Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A fly line...my kingdom for a fly line

Maybe I'm a little strange.  In fact, I've got it on pretty good authority that I am strange. But, without getting into a lot of specifics, I want to talk about fly fishing (or any fishing actually) and why I am strange.  

Maybe strange is a little strong, but maybe not. If we are in fact what we eat, I'm surely a cheeseburger smothered with onions and green chili.  That doesn't really make me strange...it just makes me gassy and uncomfortable to be around. 

So what does make me strange? Let's talk.  I'm the kind of fly fisherman that refuses to spend a mortgage payment on a fly rod. For a lot of people, the cost of a new top of the line graphite (let's not even talk about bamboo!) rod is a house payment. Luckily I'm not a graphite fan, so you won't find me doing that even if I could afford to do it. Secondly, if I did do that my lovely (but quite capable) wife would chase me down in church and hang me by the organ!

Being a vintage fiberglass fan, buying a rod is many times like going to a buy one get one free sale. And I would usually still have money left over before I reached the minimum price for a good graphite rod. The same goes for fly reels. The fact that I don't necessarily catch a lot of fish has more to do with me than the equipment I use believe me.

I don't mind splurging a little once in a while if it's on something that I am convinced will enhance my experience.  I became convinced many years ago that spending $800 for a fly rod or $300 for a reel would not make me a better fisherman. So what has lead me to this point...or probably better said, what is my point?  

I was pricing fly lines to replace one I've got that I recently won. By reading the literature, it sounded like a good floating 4 weight line for my T.L. Johnson.  It was a disaster. I may not be the world's best caster, but I can lay out some line even if it's on the backcast.  Now, I do have some favorite fly lines, Rio Gold and Rio Trout and Scientific Anglers come to mind. I even have a few Cortland lines I like. But truthfully, my stock of new fly lines I've either won or bought at ridiculous sales.
If I didn't win fly lines once in a while or find a good sale, you would see me fishing with Brand X at $9.99 a pop, not Rio or Scientific Anglers. I'm not bashing these fine company's or their products, but the price of fly lines is more like the punchline of joke than anything reasonable. $99 for a Sharkwave?  I'd be stranger still if I actually coughed up that money for a fly line. 

Someone I'm sure will come back with, they last a long time for the money and they make your casting so smooth. I'm of the school that says you can either cast or you can't.