Saturday, June 27, 2015

Book Review: Tomorrow's Fish by R.E.Long

I love to read.  Between all the blogs to the many fishing books I own, I'm reading daily.
Due to limited time, something we all understand, I'm a fan of short stories. Although only 201 pages, I have been reading and re-reading R. E. Long's Tomorrow's Fish: And The View From My Vise for two weeks and still haven't quite finished it...because it's that enjoyable.  One of the things I enjoy about this book is that you actually feel like you are along for the trip. At the conclusion of each story, Ralph gives tying recipes for the flies used in each story. They are not your every day run of the mill flies, but favorites that Ralph has found that work no matter the water.

Ralph is obviously passionate about not only his fly fishing/tying, but of sharing his love of the sport and his knowledge. 

A little about Ralph.  Ralph Long is an author, fisherman and owner of Ralph's Fly Box.  Ralph has produced some great tying videos that he has posted on the blog and a forum, which I like because it gives me the chance to "talk" to Ralph and other fly fisherman.  If I had one complaint, it's that I would love some color photograph instead of the sometimes difficult to see photos at the beginning of each story.

If you find yourself limited on time but still enjoy "feel like you're there" fishing stories, give Tomorrow's Fish: And the View From My Vise a read.  You won't be disappointed.  I give it a big thumbs up.