Thursday, March 26, 2015

Serious questions for serious anglers

Today is Thursday.  Two more days until I can hit the water again.  (60s-70s this weekend) So, while I wait patiently for those two days to pass, I've been sitting around and thinking about serious stuff.  I think it's rather humorous in a sad way, that people these days don't agree on much of anything.  Even those of us who participate in the "quiet sport" have this problem.  I see rantings on Facebook and on blogs on a fairly regular basis.  So here is where we'll begin our discussion.

Two things I'm sort of proud of is that I'm a law abiding citizen.  In my mind everything is fair game if it's legal. The other thing is, I believe in treating people with kindness and respect until/unless they show that they deserve otherwise.  Then it's all fair in love and war.  I'm a proponent of catch and release fishing. I think in most cases it makes sense.  But I do believe that as long as the rules of river are adhered to, if you want to catch a fish or two to eat...Bon Appetite!  The people I currently fish with, I'll call them Me, Myself and I, believe the same.  But I've always got plans to fish with other, new people when the opportunity arises.  What happens if our philosophies clash? Are we going to end up throwing rocks in each others pools?  Are we going to play tug of war over a fish?

Another thing.  I just recently switched from a knotted cotton (?) bag on my net to a rubber bag.  Not everyone agrees that that's necessary.  I don't know, but it makes some sense to me that a smooth soft bag would make for a happier fish.  Is it legal to use a net with knots?  It is here in Colorado as far as I know.  So what does the serious angler think about that.  Does it really make a difference?

I see people mishandling fish a lot.  I assume that it's new fishermen who don't know better.  After watching bass fishing programs I think people assume that returning a fish to the water means throwing it unceremoniously back into the water. Maybe okay for bass and other warm water fish.  Trout, not so much.

And what about pulling our piscatorial friends out of their homes so we can grab our hero shots. Forget for a moment that fish can't breath out of water, how would you like to jerked out of bed and hoisted a million feet into the atmosphere just so some giant guy can snap a picture of you gasping for breath?

One last question.  Does anyone really think that fish kissing is cool?  I keep thinking of Star Trek and some of the alien creatures from other worlds.  We must look like that to fish.  Do you really think they want to kiss  your slimy lips?

After reading this, I can hear every one of you shaking your heads and saying That boy needs to get out more.