Saturday, April 25, 2015

Short story long...

Pam and I went out to dinner last night for the first time in awhile.  When my lovely wife says, Mexican is okay, I have to jump at the chance.  She doesn't care that much for most Mexican food and I can normally eat it every day if given the opportunity.  The hotter the better and don't stop until you see the tears falling from my eyes.  My eyes were bigger than my appetite.  I had so much to eat that when I went to bed last night I floated 6 inches over the mattress. When I did finally fall asleep I was rudely awakened when I popped a gas bubble and fell off the bed.  It went like that all night.

I figured as long as I was up early today I'd take a trip to Pond X and put my money fly where my mouth is. I had tied some specially for carp flies sometime ago...BHS. (Before heart surgery) and never had a chance to use them. I patterned my fly after a fly I had seen somewhere that was touted as a killer carp fly.  The fly was yellow.  I didn't have yellow so I used green. I'm of the school of thought that it really doesn't matter.  If the fish are hungry and like what they're looking at, that they'll eat it.  Kind of like me and Mexican food.

Anyway, I had a 7wt. rod rigged up and my new Risen Fly case loaded up with what I call my other flies...carp, bass, etc.  You know, those other flies that a respectable trout would be afraid to eat.

The last weather report I saw earlier in the week said 80s and rain. The one today said 60s and overcast.  Good enough.  When I got to the pond, the water was calm and clear.  I heard a frog croak. A good omen until I realized that it was me and not one of nature's creatures making the noise.  Talk about stink bait!

Anyway, I walked around a lot, saw no tailing carp, played around with a few small bluegills and stepped in a small deposit left by fido.  But the weather was pretty nice.