Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Haunted by waters

As a way of saying penance for my diatribe a few days ago, I went fishing to appease the fish gods. Since I'm not familiar with the practice, I don't know how long you have to wait to see if you're back in good graces,  but I didn't go to my usual places since I didn't want a hex on water I actually care about. So, I fished some ponds close to my house.  I caught a couple of small bluegill and not much else.

I did get a little closer look at the dam they're building across the street. I've always wondered where the water came from that usually kept it full. Now I have to also wonder where is the water that usually flows into the reservoir but isn't now, is.

Light bulbs lit up over my head and a puzzle got solved.  Once day shortly after we moved in to our house, the open space behind the house sprung a leak. I called the town government and reported it. When the dutiful public servant came to check things out, the first thing he said was, "We wondered who moved into the water house."

That got my attention and he continued, " that water that is pouring out of the ground is coming from your house."  Later after he left, I went downstairs and looked under the sump pump lid and I saw a small stream running under my house about 8 feet down. It wasn't but a few days later that strangers acting like old friends started showing up at the door asking if they could go fishing.  I thought certainly they had heard of my prowess with a fly rod, but I declined because I have a phobia against strangers who want to take me for a drive to the mountains "to fish."  Little did I know that it was at my house they wanted to fish.

All these years and 3 flooded basements later, we figured out how to make sure that the basement doesn't flood and just keeps on moving along...to a new home.