Monday, January 26, 2015

Mail Day...

Everyone likes a mail day.  Well, maybe not everybody, but fly fishermen who enter contests, giveaways and buys a lot of goodies sure do. 

Friday and Saturday were my days to get excited.  A while back I entered a giveaway on Facebook held by River Traditions.  It seems that they had engraved a beautiful fly box with the wrong name. 

When I saw the post, I saw that only a handful of people had entered and it was due to expire.  The only caveat was your name had to be Joe.  Well, even a cracked curmudgeon couldn't find a way to make HOWARD spell Joe.  Then I remembered asking my mother many years ago why I was named Howard.  She replied that I was named after my Uncle Joe.  I may have been on strong medicine at the time and just shrugged and forgot about it.  I later learned that Uncle Joe's  middle name was Howard.  Close enough...I entered and won.

I was totally blown away on how cool this box is.  Not only that, but River Traditions engraves other things as well. They also sell personalized knives, personalized wood and aluminum fly boxes, hook sharpeners, tippet holders, vests and backpacks and more.  Thanks to River Traditions for the great looking box.  As a point of interest, I interviewed a couple of trout and they said they didn't care what my name was.

Saturday I was waiting when the mailman arrived because I was expecting a package from J Wood Fly Fishing in Colorado Springs.  John is a real craftsman/fly fisherman and had donated a beautiful handcrafted net for out last giveaway. I noticed last week that John was advertising a beautiful small stream net for an unbelievable price.  I was try to get a friend of mine to buy it, but as we fly fishermen frequently do, I bought it. John also included a really nice selection of his favorite flies and a couple of his twisted leader to try.  Come on Spring!

Take a look at John site and look what he has to offer in the way of  handcrafted nets, twisted leaders and custom flies.  Thanks John!